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The self-publishing revolution is growing in popularity and with good reason. You as an author are no longer confined to the traditional “brick and mortar” limitations of traditional publishing. Today, with sites like Lulu and Createspace on the rise, you can just as easily get your books printed and distributed online to sites such as Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Many authors using Amazon and similar marketing platforms are finding success in self-publishing. Some self-published authors are surpassing traditionally published best-selling authors in sales and climbing to the top of "The New York Times" bestseller list.

If you are an author looking to self-publish or a small publishing house I can assist you with cover design and formatting, to ensure your book stands out from the pack and looks truly professional.

Interior Book Formatting

Need your manuscript print or E-Book ready? Looking for reasonable prices? Look no further. My book formatting and layout services might be just what you need.

I offer professional level book formatting, starting at just $99.95 for up to 250 pages and charge an additional $0.50 cents per additional page.

For example a 350-page novel would cost just $149.95 to have professionally formatted.

A professional print ready layout is a key element when it comes to the quality of your book’s overall appearance.

What you get from my service:
I set the page size to your specified dimensions, correct any extra white pages or spaces, set your paragraph indents, add in any specified mixed fonts, add page numbers, set page margins, page justifications, add page headers and footers, add in chapter starts, create a copyright page, create a Table of Contents and set the book gutter according to the page count of your book.

Professional Cover Design

Want more out of your book? How about an eye-catching cover designed to help your book stand out from the crowd? With a competitive market, as an author or small publisher you need a professionally designed cover.

Option 1: Ebook Cover Design
Price - $599.00
This service is specifically for Ebooks only. If you have a design in mind, please let me know during your phone consultation or by email. I will design and present to you three unique concepts to pick from. Choose the illustration that best fits your vision, you will be given three rounds of changes on the concept you picked, this helps you to get your desired vision.

Upon completion of your design, you shall receive your E-cover in the following formats (Nook, iPad and Kindle).

Cover Design Options

Option 2: Printed Cover Design
Price - $799.00
I will provide you with a unique concept tailored to both you and your printer's specifications. Do you already have a design in mind? During your phone consultation or by email tell me your ideas, try to cover every detail and I’ll be sure to create it for you. If you have little or no clue of what you want your cover to look like, don’t fret. I will provide you with up to six concepts that relate to your book or vision. Once you pick and agree on a concept you will get three rounds of changes.

Upon completion, you shall receive your print cover design and some bonus Ebook covers for Nook, iPad and Kindle free of charge.

For a free consultation about book formatting or cover design, please contact me by one of the following options.

Robert Kauffman
Phone: 717-253-3224
Email: Madseason_03@yahoo.com

My hours are 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time, but please feel free to contact me at any time. If you contact me by phone and get no answer please leave a voicemail and I will get contact you in shortly, please allow up to 24 hours, if you contact me outside of my business hours.

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