About ME

Born and raised in the Boston suburbs, I worked my way through night school, earning two degrees from Harvard University, a Bachelor's in Social Sciences and a Master's in Humanities. After working as a writer for local and business newspapers, many years ago I transitioned to full-time editing and ghostwriting, helping hundreds of authors with both fiction and nonfiction projects over the decades. I still live in New England, I've been happily married for over 25 years and I'm the proud father of two young adult sons. My professional affiliations include the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) and the Association of Ghostwriters.

Here is a short list of just a handful of the numerous books I've had the opportunity to work on as an editor or ghostwriter. I ghostwrote a romantic suspense novel entitled "The Matchmaker." The book has been published by Thorndike Press. I successfully rewrote a business book entitled, "Transforming the Character of Public Organizations" (published by Greenwood Publishing, a Praeger imprint). I edited a novel entitled "Fatal Embrace." It has been well reviewed and was given the honor of being excerpted in Cosmopolitan magazine, a sure sign of its success. I was hired as a consultant for an important book project on urban education by Rutgers University. I was the manuscript editor for all four books in the successful "Midtown Blue" series of novels published by Baker, one of the largest Christian publishers in the United States.



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